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Our Trash Removal in Garrett County is Unsurpassed

As the residents of Western Maryland already know, the bear population has been rising in recent years and, according to a study, Garrett County has one of the most densely populated bear populations in the state. Bears are always looking for something to eat and they find that garbage is the easiest source of nourishment. If you have found that your trash cans have been targeted, Deep Creek Refuse Services has bear proof containers just for you.

Deep Creek Promises to Clean Up the Mess If Our Containers Fail

Bear-proof containers are a cost-effective and less frustrating way for residential and business owners to store garbage at home and at work. At Deep Creek Refuse Service, we have the containers that will not only hold the garbage, but they will also prevent Garrett County bears from breaking into them for their next meal.

We are so confident in our bear-proof containers that if a bear should happen to get into one, we will come to your home or business and clean up the mess.

Leading the Way With Bear-Proof Wheeled Carts

Deep Creek Refuse Service is now offering 96-gallon Rubbermaid bear-proof wheeled carts to our customers. These containers are polyethylene construction for durability and feature a double-walled lid with steel reinforced rim, a latch that bears cannot break, and two rugged wheels to make them easy to move. These containers are highly durable and frustrate bears to no end.

The Bear-icade Dumpster Blocks Bruins From Your Trash

Deep Creek Refuse Service does not stop at just offering the smaller containers. We know that businesses can also have a problem with bears, so we also have bear-proof dumpsters available. The Bear-icade dumpster is made of heavy-duty steel with enclosures that are impossible for bears to open, but easily accessible for our customers to dump their garbage.

Our Trash Enclosures Keep Trash Carts Covered & Safe

As an added bonus, Deep Creek Refuse Service also has custom-made wooden bear-proof trash enclosures that store our customers’ Rubbermaid wheeled carts. The enclosures are expertly crafted featuring heavy-duty doors that cover the top half of the containers and have latches that lock tight. The containers are covered with a roof and sit on a sturdy deck to protect them from the weather.

Call Us for More Information on Bear-Proof Systems

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